Igualada: leading city in the leather tanning sector

The leather from Igualada has become a world-wide referent thanks to the fighter spirit of the tanners who have achieved to make prevail their experience and tradition in a market with new competitors with lower production costs. The tanners from Igualada are a referent not only for the quality of their leather but also because they have developed innovative projects in the sector.

At the end of year 2005, the treatment plant of IDR started to work. The objective of the treatment plant is to facilitate the fulfilment of the quality goals of the Anoia river, minimizing the waste and reducing the environmental expenses per kilo of leather. It is practically unique in Europe because it uses an innovative biological system by treating the waters very respectfully with the environment.

During the last years is notorious the impulse that the tanners have given to the Igualada Leather Technology School converting it into a centre recognized internationally. It is the only Leather Technology School existing in Spain and it is part of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The School, with the formation of technicians specialized in tannery, guarantees the future generational changes in the tannery companies of Igualada. The future creation of the university campus in the Pla de la Massa will consolidate the city of Igualada as one of the cities with most culture and tradition in the tanning industry in the world.


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